I got this for next to nothing, and I was woundering what is the value of this half stack.

Head is a Randall RG100ES W. the footswitch
Cab is a Randall R 412 JB, loaded with Jaguar.

I'm thinking of seeling the head to get a Tube PowerAmp or keeping it as a Backup for my setup and using the Cab for what I'm currently working on (Top40 cover band), do you think the cab will be "fit" for this need?
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The Jaguar speakers are pretty bad most the time, don't know if Id keep them, but other than that the cab is probably fine. The head is actually one of the better liked solid state heads, great for some metal sounds (Pantera, old-school death metal, etc.)

Altogether I could see the setup selling for 3-400$ as a reasonable range, just the head (assuming good form and function) 100-200$, maybe on the lower end given the *ahem* extravagant tolex.
I've seen numerous review comparing them to Eminences and users telling they were surprised by the tone they could acheive.

Am I wrong to think those speakers are "underrated"?
I'm planning to do a wide array of "tone", going to AC/DC, to old Slash's tone (AFD), to more "full gain" stuff like pantera or Metallica, to more pop-punk, alternative, and on, and on. Would you think they could be polyvalent enough for this type of use?

I'd like to test them good, but I fear I won't have the time until our rehearsal place is ready, so I'm kinda curious on this one!
Its hard to say what Jaguars are good or not. There are several different wattage versions and to my knowledge companies who have made them during the decades have changed several times. The Jaguar speakers you get in, say, new Randall RX serie cab are not the same there were 20 years ago in Randall cabs.

Most important thing though, do YOU like the way this rig sounds, amp and cab?
Well, the amp I'm not using, I used to run my preamp (Tonelab EX) trough the power of the RG. Never used the preamp of the RG, so I can't tell if I like it or not.

I'm now doing the same with a Spider Valve (112) and plan on using the Cab as an extention for this one, I'll have to test the tone and the power of it when I can, that's why I'm planning on selling the head and, maybe, get myself a tube poweramp. Initially I was thinking about selling the half stack and get a better 212 instead, but I'm still waiting on testing them real good first.

I'll open the cab tonight to get a better idea of the speakers.
The Randall amp is decent if you want a 90's thrash sound, the cab is shit. Mostly because of the speakers in it.
Well, had the occasion to test both of em together earlyer, never had the chance because it needed a good cleaning first and I mostly used the head for the power and ran my preamp.

So, I cleaned it yesterday and I had a couple of minutes "home alone" earlyer today. So I took my ART100 with emg's 80/81 in it and kranked up the volume.

I was pleasently surprised to hear how well it sounded! It's surprinsing to get a hi gain tone like this with something Solid State. So much that I'm now thinking of keeping it alltogether for a backup, so if my preamp give up I'd have something to finish a jam or a show. Sure it would'nt sound like the preamp and I wouldn't be able to dial a tone like on the preamp, but at least I'd be able to finish up!

As for the cab, I think it's realy nice too, I'm still gonna need to test a couple of setup but it's waaayyyy better than a Berhiger I once giged on. I'd say it's around the area of a Peavey with Sheffeild. You can get a decent tone out of it without much fuss!

As for the speakers, they are Randaall /Jaguar RES-80

If anyone is interested, I can post my "conclusion" for the setup with the SpiderValve poweramp and my Tonelab Preamp with the cab and the comparaison between the Spider and the Randall power amp. If so, please let me know. If not, well, then that's it!
Hey if you like it, right on! I always liked the solid state Randalls, they are quite charming I think.