I bought this in 1990 and it has worked great for me for almost 25 years. In recent weeks, it started being temperamental when I'd turn it on. Sometimes it went on, sometimes nothing happened. I'd play around with the power input jack and I'd find a temporary "sweet spot" where it would go on.

Now, though, there is no sweet spot. In fact, the on/off switch will not stay in the "on" position at all, so this problem may be unrelated to the power input jack.

For context, the input switch is a button you press in to turn on or off. The button sticks out further when off than on, by maybe a 1/4 inch. However, now the button does not stay in at all. Every time I press it, it returns to the off position. Holding it in manually does not do anything.

I'm thinking if I knew how to fix the on/of switch and/or power jack issue, this thing would be right as rain. I have a lot of stored pre-sets in it, so it's worth it to me to fix if possible.


You'll probably have to just replace the jack and switch. Idk what the power jack looks like but the switch sounds like one of these (ignore the text).