I like it a lot! I would suggest you experiment with the EQ on the guitar, since it's just an acoustic guitar you might as well up the lows a bit and add some magical reverb on it, but that's just my two cents.
Would love it if you could check out my song too! Link
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Cheers guys. I'll definitely have a play around with the production.

Got a few questions specifically about this recording though...

- Does it work as an instrumental piece/should it have vocals?
- What genre does this fall into?
- Regarding the mix, does that sound decent for a demo? I can't really decide if it sounds good or not being just one guitar track. I wanted to start recording an acoustic EP with vocals (not necessarily in this style) so I'm wondering if I should invest in a mic.
I would improve the timing on the guitar playing first (where it needs it), fix the beat noise second, and add some good vocals third. It works as an instrumental, but I think it would be better with good vocals. Just my opinion. If you can sing, buy a mic! I don't know about the UK, but in Los Angeles, at least 95% of rock music on the radio has vocals. Unless you just want to do background music.