So, we just changed a member, and since we dont have any good photos of the band, we decided to do a photoshoot. Problem is, we dont have any ideas. We dont want to do the standard "metal band in an abandoned building" thing. Other than that, i really dont know. I actually have access to a photo studio, so i was thinking of just taking pics of everyone and some group ones in front of a white backdrop. Simple and effective i guess.

Do you guys have any ideas? The only thing is, we want to avoid the metal cliches like abandoned buildings, castles, forest and such. It just looks corny if its not really well done, like with props and whatnot, and we dont have those. We dont really have any cash to spend on this thing, so yeah. Thats it i think. Also, we want to look at least semi professional, not like some village idiots. We already look like that on stage.
Does your music represent castles and forests and abandoned buildings? If so then why not do your photoshoot in these places!

If you think that other metal bands tend to go with a prescribed concept, you want to find what makes you stand out. Try brainstorming the things that make your band unique. Your personalities, philosophies, musical atmosphere, lyrical themes... be creative!
I was in a metal band once, we took photos of us almost knee deep in a river near by. People loved it.
I'd pass on the white studio shot. Try to find a good photographer or student with some cool location ideas, maybe they will do it for almost free/portfolio piece
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Well the music doesnt represent castles and stuff. Its partly a concept and partly just normal metal lyrics i guess. And we really dont have the money to shoot on a space station to do the concept.

For the shoot i have a whole bunch of schoolmates that are students of photography, so getting one would not be that hard. And i get studio time for free, since its available to all the students at my school. Still, ideas are pretty hard to come by. That river thing is pretty cool.
Photoshoots are cool, but one shot that you absolutely need is a simple profile shot of all of you, one that can be used in print media, posters, banners and festival leaflets. Where the shot actually happens doesn't matter, the main thing is to get your faces in it. No sunglasses btw.