Hello guys. I haven't been active in this site for a while, but I figured I'd show you all some pretty things.

About a month ago, I traded away my Michael Kelly Vintage Patriot for a Fender Jazzmaster Classic Player, and I'm absolutely in love with it. The feel is amazing, the sound is really killer. The whole build is really study. It's a 2012 model, and the only "issues" with it are just some surface scratches. This has definitely become my favorite guitar in my family and it's going to be my main gigging guitar. It's a 25.5" scale, rosewood fretboard, maple neck, alder body, 3-tone sunburst, tortoise-design pick guard, switchable lead and rhythm circuits, 2 hotter wound Jazzmaster pickups, 1 volume and tone for each circuit, an adjust-o-matic bridge and a classic Jazzmaster trem system. The new bridge allows for better tuning stability and makes it so the strings don't fall out of the slot as easily.

And now yesterday, I found an ad on Craigslist for a Vox AC30 for $625 and had to jump on it. It is a Vox AC30CC2. It's a few years old, from what I can tell by the aesthetic condition. It's a little beat up, but the amp itself sounds AMAZING. It's got a lovely full sound to it. The chime it produces is sweet without being ear piercing. The reverb is really great as well. Has a bunch of range for how much and how it sounds. The tremolo effect does work, however, I'm not a fan of that effect, so I'm going to be leaving it off 99.99% of the time. This amp is LOUD and HEAVY. The two speakers in this thing make so much noise that even with the master volume at around 7:30 or 8 o'clock, it's almost too loud for a bedroom setting. But I'm going to be using this as my gigging amp, so being loud ain't a problem.

Now for the pictures!

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(sorry if this doesn't work, I'm on my phone)
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Those two things together are so great. I showed my guitar buddy and he made the same scrunchy "oh yeah that's good gear" face I did.
Thank you, you fine people. I like how a lot of people have roughly the same reaction (the good scrunchy face). Next step for me is to start building up my pedal board. All I've got right now is my tuner pedal and the amp foot switch to turn the reverb on and off.