I am currently planning out a telecaster build and I want to experiment a little bit with this one. I wanted to know if anyone could give some insight on the practicality of combining a TV Jones Filtertron type pickup in the neck with a telecaster style pickup in the bridge. Not a lot of information out there on this one. Would using a 550k pot on the neck and a 250k pot on the bridge lead to problems? I do not know a lot about the relationship of outputs in pickups and what effect that will have on the quality of sound the guitar will produce. Any advice is appreciated, just looking to gain some knowledge. Thanks!

- Ben
It sound like a great idea to me - I think Fender/Squier already have that combination -and it is what I would go for, or a P90, in a tele build. I would user a hum-sized Filtertron, just to give a bigger range of pickup-swapping options.

If the pots don't work out, you can always change them.