Hi, I'm not quite sure if there is a post like this (I looked, couldn't find anything) but I was looking for an Ear Training CD. Something I can listen to during times where I cannot be playing guitar. Ideally, I'd like this CD to include pure music theory. For example, the tracks are simply the notes of the major scale, so I can be familiar with the major scale. And that major scale would be played in all notes. Perhaps the CD includes chords as well, for instance, every major chord, then minor, then sus2/sus4, etc.

Something to keep my ears familiar with the music. NOT MUSICAL ALBUMS MADE BY ARTISTS. Something almost "robotic" so I can train my ear to the sounds of major scales, minor scales, scale modes, chords, etc.

Anyone know of anything like this? I really appreciate all advice. Thanks!
Are you able to record your guitar?

Do you have a DAW with midi capability?

You should be able to create exactly what you are asking for if you have either of those things and a little time.