Hey guys thinking about building a nice relic strat for under $1000. Im thinking of some handwound pickups, a nice aged large C profile neck with vintage tuners and vintage style trem. I dont care about the $$$ i just think the hunt,research and build would be a fun thing to do. Something about making a guitar that is taylor made for me is very appealing vs an off the shelf strat. Anyways,this will be used primarily for blues as I am an huge John Mayer fan as well as an SRV fan. Thanks guys, I look forward to hearing your comments and ideas=)
Not sure what sort of input you're after, but you're right .. it is heaps of fun.

I think it would just be a fun project to do and it'll be a learning experience as well. i guess id like to know about how long it took for people to source the parts and get it all put together along with the cost. Just looking for a time outline and overally bduget. thanks..Great looking guitar BTW^!!!
Thanks! Well the two main things to consider time-wise are whether you're going to modify the guitar at all and what finishing you're going to do yourself, if any.

For example, that body above was the traditional 3x single coil config so there were a few simple mods required to rig it with the single humbucker and pot. The total build time was dictated mainly by the neck which took 4 weeks to arrive in Australia from the States. The rest of it was pretty much just order and install. Helps to have a plan before you start.

For reference: MIM alder body, Seymour Duncan Custom humbucker, 500k vol pot, Warmoth Pro angled reverse neck, ebony on roasted maple, 10-16 radius, ss frets, no inlays, no finish, Graph Tech nut, JN-07 locking tuners. Build time: about 5 weeks. Cost: about $500
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just outta curiosity what did u have to do to make it a just a single humbucking strat?

Looks like he Just wired in a single hum bucker straight to the volume pot, no tone pot on there. All you have to do.
Yup ^^

Plus some rough cavity routing to fit the humbucker .. cos it was all singles. The pickguard covers all the empty holes .. and some pretty ordinary carpentry