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Ok, here's where I'm at. I had a crappy Crate V50 die on me, as can be expected from that Chinese piece of junk. Power supply failure, no replacement parts out there, what are you gonna do? Now, I have to decide between two very different amps. One, a Crate VC50 212 ($225), the other, a 80's 20W Bogen connected to a 10" Utah speaker ($200). Here is basically an outline of me.

I am:
-Primarily a post rock/ jazz guitarist
-Senior in high school, going to a small college dorm in less than a year to study jazz guitar
-Playing in two acts in my school's talent show, a 5,000 seat auditorium
-Looking for an extremely clean, bassy sound at a high volume
-Intrigued by the vintage appeal of the Bogen, guess it's a teenager thing
-Excited by the potential volume of the Crate, guess it's a guitar player thing

I'm mostly worried that the Crate will be too big, badly built, way too dirty for my needs, not practical in college, and will make me look immature due to the cheapness and great output.

I'm worried that the Bogen won't do well under the mic, that it'll be too quiet, and that it won't give me the warm, jazzy tones I'm looking for. Tell me what to do!
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The big Roland Cubes do a pretty good imitation of a JC120. On a budget that would be where I'd be looking - or an actual used JC120 if you can find one in budget.
JC120s are a little out of my price range, though I did find one reasonably close for pretty cheap, $250. I'm just worried about the large size of the amp, especially going to college.
Look for a JC60 then. They're one half of a JC120. The JC120 is a stereo amp, the JC60 is one side of that. They're a 1x12.
Do consider the Roland Cube 80 though, they're a 1x12 combo as well. Plenty loud enough and as I said, very good JC120 emulation.
I don't think the Bogen is big enough for you want. You'll have to mike it up and feed it back through the wedges every time you play with a drummer. It'd be fine for blues or rock, but it aint for you.
The Crates are ok with better speaker and tubes but I think I'd trust a Roland a lot more. Not saying the Crates are bad, they aren't, but Roland is and always have been solid reliable working musician's gear. Their amps, their keyboards, their PA's. Not always the best, but always good. They're cut from the same cloth as Yamaha. You can always trust them to be solid.
I really like my micro-cube. it's not big enough to play a show but it's got the same dna as the bigger ones. I've never played through a JC120 before so i can't speak to the quality of the emulations, but i like the JC setting on my cube.

I also like the cube itself. It feels sturdy and it looks like it was designed to get kicked every now and then. The knobs and jacks all feel solid and the controls seem very sensible to me.

If I ever get a better practice space then I think i might replace my micro-cube with a bigger cube. For now it makes sense to stay small but I wish I had more than just a tone control.
Cath's suggestions are on point, however, its worth mentioning that if the Crate you're referring to is the old Vintage Club VC50, then they do sound very nice IMO, especially for cleaner tones.
I might look into getting a Fender Super Champ X2.
It's a little more money, but it would be worth it
Quote by mardisaaron
I might look into getting a Fender Super Champ X2.
It's a little more money, but it would be worth it

Not big enough for jazz.
OP what does a watt mean to you? 10 watts 30watts, etc.

a watt is basically headroom (how long it stays clean). jazz you want clean. so you want something with more wattage to keep things clean ata a louder volume.

JC60 is what i would get if you can't afford a JC120
I don't know that much about jazz amps but i hear the 2x12 roland jazz chorus 120 watt combo amp gives off great cleans.