I want to make your typical guitar player video on Youtube (for now) but I don't know how I go about doing it. I have a recording interface (Presonus Audiobox USB) so I would record the audio straight into that I don't have a good webcam so I will need to pick one up. I have my Iphone 6 and a digital camera but that's probably not that great right?

What free (or cheap) programs are out there for video editing software? Like even if I just wanted to record some crappy video/audio off my Iphone 6 and mash up some clips and upload it to Youtube how would I do that?

Also what's a good webcam to buy for this at a reasonable price?

I've done this so I can help you here, sorta...

- Use your iPhone 6 or digital camera to record the video (probably iPhone 6 is better as can take HD).
- For the sound, use guitar --> audio interface --> DAW (w/ plugin) and monitor that through headphone out (I like to use my cube street as a monitor so you wouldn't see me wearing headphones in my covers; it's down to personal preference).

Recording: When you actually record, clap (or strum mute) 2 or 3 times before you start your cover. This is so that when you need to sync up the audio and video during the editing stage, you have a visual cue (use iMovie or similar to sync up).

After recording, adjust your "recorded part" and the actual song through EQ and volume so when you replay it, you can clearly hear your guitar cut through. Afterwards export to MP3 and drag your audio file to iMovie and sync it to the video using the claps (or whatever visual cue you used). Mute the sound from the video and use your "recorded" audio, then create the movie and upload to youtube!

Hope this helps...
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If this works, hear the difference.

Using video audio


Using guitar --> audio interface and then syncing up audio and video


...2nd method is better cuz if you live in an apartment like me, it gets frustrating hearing external sounds (i.e. building renovations or parents) that people don't necessary want to hear on youtube.
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Just tried out imovie for the first time super easy to use but because I have a PC I will only be able to do the editing off my phone with that program I take it?
Or you could use windows movie maker.
Or whatever free video editor on windows.