Increasing Safety on the Roads with Immediate Road Sign Display: the Project Runs Crowdfunding Stage

October 20, 2014 – A new ambitious project, Immediate Road Sign Display (IRSD), aimed at increasing safety on the roads runs its engines and will reach crowdfunding on October 20, 2014.

The device identifies road signs or pedestrians crossing the road and immediately projects respective information on the car’s windscreen. This allows the driver to pay necessary attention to a sign or to any other object on the road and take all necessary measures.

With the help of Indiegogo, this innovative project calls on everyone who cares about the problem of the growing number of road accidents. The project offers to make a donation and contribute to the future of global safety. Contributors will be awarded with project-related presents and devices.

According to ASIRT (Association for safe international road travel), every 30 seconds someone is killed and 19 others are injured on roadways worldwide. The Global Status Report on Road Safety 2013 made by WHO (World Health Organisation) highlights that although total number of road traffic deaths each year has not increased, it remains unacceptably high at 1.24 million per year. The report adds that 31% of road traffic deaths worldwide accounts for car occupants.

“Immediate Road Sign Display is our attempt to improve global level of safety on the roads. Cars are useful and at the same time very dangerous vehicles. That is why we find it crucial to drive innovation and introduce new technologies to guarantee safety around the globe. The IRSD team finds that road safety should be a global concern and responsibility”, says Anton Kononov, initiator of the IRSD project.

Crowdfunding for IRSD project on Indiegogo aiming to collect $50,000 starts on October 20 and will last 45 days.

About the project!
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What about those that don't have them?

There isn't just "one solution" here sonny.
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What about those that don't have them?

There isn't just "one solution" here sonny.

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So basically traffic sign recognition and pedestrian detection, two functions that already exist and that several car manufacturers are already implementing in their vehicles?
Should change their name to the Association for Roads and Safe Expeditions
Sticking things up on the windscreen will surely make people pay even less attention to the road?