I am making this thread because my friend didnt really explain anything in his thread lol...

Ok so we are band that plays in a medium sized room. (mostly rock and punk)
A week ago we finally found a singer but neither one of us knows anything about microphones.

Me (guitarist) and the bassist play on a 35 watt amp... as i said, in a medium sized room.

So now i would like someone to explain me what should we buy for the singer, we were first thinking about plugging the mic to the guitar amp, but everyone said not to do it, since it is a waste of money. (Also please note that we dont have a lot of money xD). Then we thought about buying one of those monitors (i think it is called a monitor) where the mixer is combined with the speaker.

I found this http://www.electronic-star.hr/SKYTEC-SPB-8-AKTIVNI/PASIVNI-8-PA-ZVUcNICI-400W_i6870.htm

And this http://www.thomann.de/de/behringer_b_205d.htm

Are any of these good enough for a singer to be heard while we play ?
If not could you please recommend some ?(that are not too expensive)

(We would use the speaker for jamming and playing at the friends house... we dont plan to do any gigs or tours with it xD)

Anyway, i would really appreciate if someone could help us so we can finally start playing THANKS !
Those would be fine for small rooms/clubs.

Get the singer an Shure SM 58 microphone, and you're set.........for a while.

Later, you'll want to go BIGGER.
Do you know wich one of those two is better ? (We would prefer the skytec because it is in a local shop, while other one is from germany so we should pay 25€ more for delivery)
Yeah, this would work. I prefer to have an active speaker and a small mixer, but this is fine as well. You still gotta be carefull that its not to quiet, a 400W vocal speaker tends to be way quieter than a 50W amp for example. At least that are the issues we encountered. We had 2 active speakers setup and it was still hard to hear them over the music. Make sure to get a good mic so it doesnt feedback like crazy. And i would go with the skytec, it seems more badass, and i had bad experience with behringer speakers. Do you guys have a drummer? Because they tend to be the thing that sets the volume levels.
Ok thanks, also yea we have drummer. So i think we will go with the skytec speaker , also we would love to buy shureSM58 but first we will buy something cheaper.
Just a suggestion while you are looking for a PA system. You should insist the singer buy his own mic and mic cord. I have found that a singer that does not own is own microphone is:

1. Not serious about singing to begin with.
2. Will not be careful with the microphone since he didn't shell out for it.
3. Will break it and not have the decency to replace it with his own money.
4. Will bitch and moan about how he sounds bad because of "your" cheap mic.

Trust me on this.