Hello, this is for college, if you have heard or played an Ibanez fireman please fill this out! from survey monkey.. Just any feedback on the guitar for my research would be great thank you

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It's a very specific niche model you're talking about. For what it's worth I own an Iceman (what the Fireman is based on). Love the sound and styling. It's up to you to determine if it's worth the money. You should also know there are different fireman models, the FRM100 and FRM250.
I have used this FRM100TR. The most eye-catching part of the FRM100TR is its unique body shape, featuring a distinctive reverse Iceman body outline. The FM100TR's mahogany body balances remarkably well. The original Ibanez Tight-Tune bridge and tailpiece promote superior transfer of string vibration without unwanted movement.
This is a terrible survey. The questions are ridiculously vague and the options given in the survey are arbitrary.