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I got 4.52 = slightly above average. I agree. I can be really moody and sad and score a 0 but i dont feel like that all the time
Also I think I shouldve scored higher because striving to be better is not the same as being dissatisfied.
"I find beauty in some things"
So if I strongly disagree/agree, does that mean I find beauty in everything or I don't find beauty in everything?

I got 4.56. Could be right, I don't know how happy everyone else is, so I can't say. I'd say I'm generally fairly happy though, or I at least try to be mostly.
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This world's frickin crazy, so no way should anyone sane be happy with it.

The quiz isn't assessing how happy anyone is with the world, it's supposed to assess how happy you are with your life.
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I feel happier though

4.31 after compensating for apathy towards some questions

Yeah, I feel that my score was lowered from feeling that I have no control in my life, not feeling particularly healthy and not having some broader sense of purpose to life. That lowering my "happiness" score doesn't seem to be sensible or accurate.
4.24 - Somewhat happy or moderately happy - satisfied. This is what the average person scores.

To be fair, most of the questions were asking more on my outlook than my actual perception, so I'm probably a little less happy.

Between five and six

Very happy. Being happy has benefits beyond simply feeling good. It’s correlated with advantages in health, with better marriages, and with attaining your goals. A base of happiness allows you to broaden and build toward greater success.

3.10 for today. I probably could get higher on some days, and lower on others, depending on my mood. It is always changing

Considering I suffer from depression I think this quiz and saying I'm "Somewhat unhappy" to be complete bullshit.
How low can you go?
Can you go down low?
All the way to the floor
How low can you go?
Can you bring it to the top?
Like you never never stop?
Can you bring it to the top, one hop
2.86 FWIW
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The quiz isn't assessing how happy anyone is with the world, it's supposed to assess how happy you are with your life.
Right, because my life is in a vacuum

Some questions seemed kind of irrelevant in terms of defining whether you are happy or not, but I'll let them pass.

sounds about right. i'm a pessimist, but i'm not about to just throw in the towel.

life is shit, but enjoy what you can.
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