Hi! I have been listening to alot of folk guys lately (Dylan, Niel Young etc.) and it inspiered me to start playing some harmonica along with guitar and vocals. I wonder, what kind of harmonica is used for this style of music? Is it a spesific key instrument like C or D, or is it just cromatic? What is the best? Is cromatic really hard or not suited for this kind of music? Thanks
When you want to play folk or blues, you get the harmonica that's a fourth up. If most of your songs are in G, then buy a C harmonica, etc. They make cheapo beginner packs that come with an A, C and G, which are the most used ones.
Start with a Hohner Marine Band or Blues Harp or a Lee Oskar. The ones that cost $10-15.00 are hard to play and will make playing seem more difficult than it should be. I suggest that you don't get a chromatic to start with. If you want one for just rock and blues you probably want a harmonica that is the 4th note of the scale of the key you are playing in. For example if you are playing a blues in the key of A you want a harmonica is in the key of D, if you are playing in G you want a C harmonica etc. Neil and Dylan often play harmonicas in the same key as the song they are playing (G for G etc.). Depends on what kind of scale you are looking at (major or minor).