I need a new guitar for metal and more heavy genres of music, here are some factors:

1.) Budget - I am willing to pay about $400.00 for the guitar.

2.) Favorite Artists - I am a big fan of bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Escape The Fate, Etc...

3.) Preferences - I quite like guitars with the Les Paul body shapes, no preferred neck shape, and I like to play with guitars that have 20-24 frets.

4.) Pickups - I would prefer an active pickup, something that doesn't pickup too much 'bad' noise.

5.) New or Used - I'd prefer new over used, but if it's 'worth it,' then a used guitar.

6.) Location - I live in Elmer, New Jersey. I am willing to travel a bit to get the guitar.

7.) Current Gear - Digitech RP200 Multi-Effects Processor, Marshall MG100HCFX 100W Head and MG412CF Cab
Thanks very much, I was looking at some ESP's before... Didn't know whether to purchase one or not.
Their LP shape EC series get much better reviews than any other in the price range.

Otherwise, check out rondomusic.com for some Agiles that are usually pretty solid, or look for a used Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy.
If you will go used get an ESP LTD EC-400 or EC-401. If you stretch to $500 you can sometimes get a EC-1000. Guitar Center has a 30-day return policy on used gear so if you don't like it or something is wrong it's not a hassle.

Note that these models have EMG actives or Seymour Duncan passives. If you can't tell from a picture post it here and/or call the store.

Agiles are a good option too.
EC400's are IMO better than the 401. i have owned both as well as a EC1000. i really wasn't a fan of the 401 (all had active EMG's)
Yep if these were my budget/preferences, I'd be digging through the ESP LTD Eclipses. Sorry I can't provide any more specific recommendations, but I do like the guitars!
^ What happened to the $400 Elite? At least the cases are available, again.

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+ a replacement for the Marshall MG100HCFX, yea?

ASAP, but at least he has a Digitech RP200 to get some tones from for now
I'm a huge fan of ESP LTD guitars, they are very well made. I currently have the EC-1000 and a KH-WZ (my current fav). The EC401 has great actives in it, both a 81 and 60, same that's in the EC-1000. If you can score one of those, than that would be awesome indeed.
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+ a replacement for the Marshall MG100HCFX, yea?

I'd have to agree, get some tubes in your life! A good amp will make all your gear sound so much better.
All the guys are on the right track here - ESP smash out the volume on the cheaper gats so best bet would be a second hand ESP LTD...EX series is also not bad. Best bang for your moolah!