I have been wanting a killswitch for years, researched how to wire them and everything, my only issue now is the actual switch (guitar parts)... at first i was looking as a two way mini toggle swith to use as the actual switch but have changed my mind and want a button for momentary kill action (faster technique as well) but dont know what to buy... can i just buy a normal arcade button?? what should i look for?? i dont want to f*ck up my guitar either so any general advice????? brands, websites etc.

could really use the help

thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to reply to this

I used a push/pull pot wired as a kill switch. basically it's a normal volume control, but when you pull up it kills the signal. however if you want a momentary switch, there's some pot that does exactly what your talking about that looks like a normal volume pot. check it out here: http://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-parts/pid19260/cid708/shadow-kill-switch-500-kohm-pot-humbuckers.asp
momentary on/off switches are what you're after. They are little buttons with 2 contacts. The cheapest are 1$ for 2 on ebay in china. Free shipping too and 6 different colors for the buttons. They fit/replace import potentiometers without widening holes or any of that.

an excellent alternative is the DPDT momentary on/off mini toggle for a more effortless stutter effect. This will require re-drilling. DPDT stands for double pull double throw. Focus on half of the switch when soldering since they are probably cheaper than the SPST (single pull single throw) switches on ebay.

ok so wiring!
the ground wire going out to your input jack put it in one of the two contacts
put another wire to the ground
I know hot lead sounds like a good idea but it isn't you get this buzz.
I bought a momentary switch. Its normally off, and when you press it its on. It has two contacts, and its extremly easy to wire it, if you have ever done any wiring before. Hell, even if you dont have any experience, its an awesome first project.
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