Hi all.

I'm looking for some Footswitches for my rackunit, and I think I've found the ones that I need. But, one thing is not totally clear to me?!
What kind of cables do I need to use??
I've read that it can be an insert cable (Y-Cable) og a Stereo/Stereo Jack.

The footswitches I need are one (1) Boss FS-6 and two (2) Boss FS-5L.
So, do I need the same cable for both or to seperate cables?!

Thanks a lot! :-)
Not sure what you need, give us more info.
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For the FS-5's you just need a cable with TS jack ends.
For the FS-6 you may need two TS or an insert cable depending on what your rack unit is.

What's your rack unit?
The unit is a Boss GT-PRO. On the backpanel there's two outputs for CTL 1/2 and CTL 3/4.
But I'm not sure what cables to use.

You need more info? :-)
I'd highly suggest getting a midi controller and being done with it.
With more options and less cables and less difficulties and less pieces of gear.

Say a behringer FCB1010 + cable (a plain and simple cable with 5pin din connectors, don't look for midi cables else you will spend twice the money).
Will cost about as much as an FS6 + two FS5's + cables.
For one, I wasn't sure what was your rack unit...now we know

Looking at the pic
of the back of the GT-Pro seems like the tip is 1/2, the 3/4 is controlled by the second ring and then the ground.
I think if you're using each pedal individually mono cables will do (at least for 1+2 for sure) as the tip is active and the ground is the back. To be safe probably two stereo cables. I think the Y insert/return cable is if you're running only one pedal controller that can handle all the switching.

What does your manual say?

Someone mentioned midi controller, I'll second that. Look for it used. The Midi Buddy is pretty basic and usually goes for about $60, which will probably be the price of the two Boss switches. BTW - I think you can also use generic piano switches for these controllers.