What's up guys and gals? I'm new to Ultimate Guitar forums and forums in general. I wanted to post on here in the attempt to get some info or even the answer to this question: Can someone help me with the dimensions to the Caparison headstock and neck? I enjoy the look of the devil tail headstock and there are no ways I can think of to attain the exact dimensions without actually holding one. There are probably programs and /or methods to blow up the photos to achieve the outline for my own custom headstock, but if someone else has achieved this then I'd be interested in attaining it or hearing how you achieved it. Just a disclaimer, I'm not looking for mass production, I'm also not going to put the caparison name on it and attempting to sell it as a rip off. I just enjoy the shape and want to put it on a Les Paul DC body one day soon. Any info is welcome! Thanks in advance.
You don't need a "program".

You do need a good shot of the headstock, however. And some math skills.
First, if you know that the nut is 1 11/16ths" wide, you simply start with blowing up the photo so that your width at the nut is that width. You can then tell what the scale is (from the distance between the nut and the middle of the first fret), and then, knowing what that distance should be, you can get your blowup a bit more accurate.

That should generally give you the size and shape of the headstock, unless there's a considerable amount of tilt-back. Ideally, you'll have a good straight-in shot of the headstock as well, but if you don't, you can carefully measure the diameters of the tuner posts. If there's a lot of tilt-back in the shot you have, they'll be ellipsoidal, and the ones at the top of the headstock will be smaller than the ones nearer the nut. Knowing that they should be circular and that the ones at the top are actually the same size as the ones on the bottom, you can work out the tiltback (IF you stayed awake in geometry). From there you can work out the actual dimensions of the headstock.

If you have a straight-in shot of the headstock, it's much easier; you just need to blow it up so that the nut width is the proper size.