Not massively keen on the song, but heard this version and I really want to figure out the chords at the end, but just can't get the voicing right and get completely lost on the changes. Anyone with a good ear want to help me out please?
It's during the third round of the final chorus at 3:06.


From 3:06

C C7 F Bm7b5 E7#9 Am7 D9 Gm7 C7 Fmaj7 and just before the break Fmaj7 Em7 Dm7. Then after the break an Fm6 and then it continues normally to C major and so on.

Not that complicated. The more jazzy sounding chords are just ii-V in different keys. Bm7b5 E7(#9) Am7 is ii-V-i in Am. Am7 D9 Gm7 is ii-V-i in Gm. Gm7 C7 Fmaj7 is ii-V-I in F major. That's a pretty common chain of ii-V's.
Ah so it's all back cycling really?
Sounds great what you've posted. Thanks a lot.
Where does the Bm7b5 come from relative to the F though?
The song is in C major. Bm7b5 is the vii chord of C major. It's also the ii chord of A minor. There's a short tonicization to A minor (Bm7b5-E7(#9)-Am7 - ii-V-i in A minor) and that's where it comes from. It shortly changes key to the relative minor of the original key. That's pretty common.

It may seem like that part could also be in F major but it is not. It just uses a secondary dominant (C7) before going to the F major chord. But it's still in C major.
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