i have been learning this since yesterday and, it is a struggle but i think i can do the first bit. My only problem is speed. How can i practice building up speed? How long did it also to take any of you to learn it?
Speed with your left hand or right hand?

That question is just for curiosity really. Either way the answer is simply to keep practicing. There's no magic answer here.

It's too long ago that I learned it for me to weigh in on the second part of your question unfortunately.
Hi Daniel,

For the RH, as you play one note prepare the next. This is called Planting, it takes a lot of work to learn to multitask but it will improve your speed and every other part of your playing. Practice slowly and correctly as much as possible.

Good luck

Took me longer than a day. Maybe a week to get the whole thing in my head and translate that the playing? And I got lazy and started playing it my own way by ear instead of making the effort to learn the Mason Williams way (whoops don't do that if you can help it). As tom183 and bachoholic have said, it's better to go slow and focus on getting the right notes and the right timing first up. Keep up the practice, speed will come later.
Great song to learn! How are you getting on?

As the others have said go slowly and try and get it correct. Also only practise small amounts at a time - If you find yourself getting the first part of the song right but always make a mistake on bar "9" (example) then don't play all of bars 1 - 8 each time to practise the part of bar 9, you would be wasting tonnes of valuable practising time. Practise the surrounding bars where you have the problem i.e. 8,9 and 10.
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How long did it also to take any of you to learn it?

It's been 2 intermittent months, I'm still not there