Over the past year I have started a 2-man act between myself and a drummer. I am playing through an RC30 loop station and using a Boss whammy pedal for pitch shifting... essentially, I use it to throw down bass lines, turn it off and play guitar on top of it.

My outputs from the loop station go to a line 6 spider II for guitar and a peavy bass amp. Gives a genuine bass sound, REALLY sounds like a full band when we play. However... I am very aware that playing a bass through a guitar amp is terrible for the speakers. I have had a lucky streak in not blowing any until yesterday. My question is this - do you know of a way to run the low end exclusively to the bass amp? It has a limiting feature to cancel out the high guitar tones... I haven't been able to find a similar feature on my guitar. Would an equalizer pedal help?
Quote by Meeksha
I have had a lucky streak in not blowing any until yesterday.
If you blew a speaker playing low frequency stuff the speaker was either generously rated or pretty low quality to begin with.

A spider II seems the case to me.

While, yeah, a splitter and an EQ pedal would (though it won't het you a hell of a good sound) help I'd much rather keep things simple if I was you and find an amp that works for everything.

If you're concerned about breaking other stuff, then look into the peavey vypyr vip series.
They're even marketed as guitar + bass amps.