How do I get the sound of the guitar in these songs?

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My current setup is an epiphone riviera p93 and a fender mustang1 amp.
How can I get that sound? do I need a different guitar? or different amp?
Or do I need both new guitar and amp? what pedals and effects?! need to get the right things for recording!
I can't watch the first video in Germany. **** THE GEMA! ..will try with a proxy when I'm home.
The second one sounds like it could be done with something like a Bug Muff and the tone pot or treble in the EQ rolled down all the way. I have never played the fender mustang. You could try to eq all the treble out, and play with your tone knob. maybe this will do the job.
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It's a very gated fuzz sound. Rather easy to get if you run a couple very thick, splatty dirt boxes in a row. For a cheapish fuzz that achieves that 8-bit sound, check out the Z-Vex Fuzzalo.