Slightly misguiding thread title but whatever. Anyways inadvertently, for whatever reason, I haven't played any guitar, listened to any guitar music or been anywhere near this website in around 2-3 months. No idea why, one day I just stopped listening to anything guitar related, playing guitar at all and just stopped posting stuff or checking UG.

So Pit, what has been going on in my absence? What bands are the kids listening to these days?

Also anyone else go through some kind of genre rehab for whatever reason?
I recently got back into playing guitar after going on a hiatus.

Now I'm learning loads of country guitar and I'm not sure what's wrong with me.
Carmel doesn't ban people anymore

Fassa got banned

SYK doesn't post anymore

Kensai died

more stuff but you'll pick it up as time goes on
Quote by selibucaz
no one uses the lolwut pear anymore.

Is that still an instant ban/perma-ban..?
i haven't seen lolmnt in a while

but i think i have a pic of him walking the streets....
You probably missed a few feminism circle jerking and cop hating threads, that's about it.
I made a thread that I thought couldn't get much weirder than I thought it would but it did.

Baby Joel has become kind of like Caligula but hasn't given his horse (or equivalent) executive power (yet).

And I distinctly remember a user called harrytruman who we all had 'fun' with.
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