I have a 92 MIM strat which was my first guitar that i love,problem is my hands are massive and the neck looks like a toothpick in my hand. I was wondering what would be the ideal neck size for me? I was thinking a large C or even a V. I play a lot of barre chords with my thumb over the top a la SRV,John Mayer and Hendrix. Any sugguestions would be great. Thanks
Bit like asking what color you'd like, it's up to you to figure out what feels good. Generally people with larger hands will appreciate a larger neck but you've already figured that out. Play what you can and keep notes
Large hands often do well with a thinner neck, actually, especially if they're stronger than usual. Smaller and/or weaker hands benefit from a thicker neck if they're using the muscle in the palm of their hand at the base of the thumb as a helper for bends, etc. I have XXL glove size hands and do very well with thin necks (though I prefer them wider and flatter than run of the mill production necks).

This is also a technique issue -- if you did NOT learn guitar using a classical technique, and if you spend a lot of time with the neck touching most of your palm, then you may find a fat neck more desirable. You'll probably find that thinner necks cramp up that muscle at the base of your thumb with a thinner neck.
i also have very large hands

i have a 1950's gibson neck and another gibson as well and i have several prestige wizard necks, i can play them all fine.

totally opposite, but you get used to it.

go play a dozen guitars and take notes on them (literally at GC or another store), and see how anything feels. play every brand you can, cheap, and expensive. you may be surprised.