Hey guys,
I'm a new girl on the forum!
My name is Anouck André , I am a french guitar player, completely enthusiatic about the music and the pedagogic side of the guitar.
I share a lot of free licks and backing track on Youtube and I've just started a new serie of lick, called 30 Days Guitar Challenge.
I was happy to see that someone here shared the same thing about the 21 days needed to build an habit!

So I'v started this challenge, trying to make it fun, with one lick per day in different styles, with the tab and the backing track, trying to make it as fun as possible.

I hope some of you might find the licks helpful.
Here is the video explaining the concept

and the first video of the challenge. (you'll find the others on Youtube)

So i hope some of you will have fun with this challenge
Have a good day, here is France it's the night already so...see you tomorrow
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