I'm having a bit of trouble digging into the strings when I play triplets so I was thinking about raising the action a tad just to get more access to the strings on my picking hand. Is adjusting the bridge ever a bad idea? Is there a wrong place to put the bridge?
Dunno about your specific case, but I know quite a few folks, including myself. who set the action higher than minimum Try it and see, it isn't a big deal.
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The only time your bridge is too high is when it causes you to pull the strings out of tune when fretting. I set all of mine a bit on the high side for playing slide, I start at 1/8" above the octave fret and fine tune for feel. Works fine for standard picking, and when playing slide my slide bar doesn't bang against the frets too bad.

After raising (or lowering) the bridge, check intonation and set if needed. Most people like to set the small strings closer to the neck than the larger ones by 1/32" or so. You can check the neck relief if you want, but that shouldn't be an issue when raising the action, higher strings are much more forgiving where neck relief is concerned, I wouldn't worry about it. Intonation is an issue though, and should be checked, it could change if you make a big adjustment.