Cornell," Gu Xiulian, a wonderful photo has caused concern, she said, through theatrical performances and the awards ceremony was held to meet the spiritual needs of employees, converse slippers online so that they are motivated to learn from the advanced, striving to be advanced. Because at that time in the production system-hours dining time, Gu Xiulian, suggested to the dining hall. When you see the different dishes of steaming the vegetables for sale converse low tops womens window, lining up the food team in order, Gu Xiulian, nodded, and was accompanied by leadership of the company said: "to eat for the day, allow employees to eat a good meal, this is the best expression of business care staff. ”In workers of home, Gu Xiulian, has visited has Kang ne emotional exchange station, and minority employees Fellowship room, and workers House, and Internet cafes, each to a at, she will to side accompanied of

company led detailed asked the converse jack purcell sale work of carried out situation, dang learned that daily work Hou has many employees to workers of home learning and entertainment Shi, she happy to said, Enterprise not only to meet employees of material needs, also to meet employees of spirit and culture needs, conwise in this aspects willing to inputs, very great! in workers House, Two Zhang hanging in wall Shang of sharply photos attract has cheap converse one star Gu Xiulian, of eye, a Zhang is Group Deputy President Zheng Laili December 2012 representative enterprise to Beijing participate in China children charity Foundation charity donation activities Shi with she of photo, a Zhang is company General Manager Zheng Laiyi this year January to Beijing participate in "China outstanding quality people" awards ceremony Shi with she of photo, in two Zhang sharply photos Qian, Gu Xiulian, stopped footsteps, carefully

looked, and laugh with on everyone said: "I and Kang ne is has fate, but this fate, Mainly due to social welfare undertakings cheap converse high tops australia Connell does well, as well, product quality and good, qualities. Hope one under the leadership of Zheng, Cornell career get better, also enterprises with regard to care and help the young employees grow timber and make greater contributions! " Encouragement to the head of Cornell people greatly inspired.Gesture of love, and every word spoken within the general feelings. I visited the time passed quickly for nearly an hour. Photo by blessed, shaken ... ... 17:05, head of the car started slowly, leaving Cornell 's, is a source of great concern and inspiring! spring renewal. On March 14, accompanied by the warm spring breeze, 2014 erkang suppliers ' Conference was held, over more than 300 vendor representatives gathered in town