from all directions Wen Xi, and discuss future plans, new collaborative steps have been taken.ER Kang, Deputy General Manager Hu Zeyan chairing this meeting. President Hu Jintao said in <a href="http://www.meetbypixels.com/converse-slippers-c-2/">converse slippers online</a> a Chair: this is a treacherous era, only to reform and innovation, enterprises will feel our way; this is an era of cooperation, er Kang sincere cooperation with many suppliers over the years, in later days, should adapt to the demands of the times and innovation in collaborative change, through innovation and cooperation."Competition between enterprises and enterprises, is not a part of competition, nike free 5.0 nz but competition in the entire value chain, the whole enterprise comprehensive competitiveness of value chains, promote the competitiveness of enterprises and the brand's competitiveness. "Kang Corporation marketing director Li Cong was the first to speak. Li Cong pointed out that today's

competitive market, not only is the nike lunarspider lt+ 2 racing shoes end of the competition, but terminal together with the backing of competition, as long as the powerful back-office support, Terminal in order to maintain a strong fighting force.Around the theme of win-win cooperation, er Kang Yu Yongyi Corporation supply chain Director for statements. Runs Director on past a years supply chain Center work for has summary, proposed has new mens nike free run 2 a years of work plans, runs Director said, company supply chain Center established yilai, the work made has must of effectiveness, but also exists with insufficient, hopes General supplier in late of cooperation in the, from quality, and AC period, and development, and service, aspects constantly improved, upgrade brand competitiveness, achieved win-win.Kang Zhang Dapeng, Vice Chairman, gave a talk. Vice Chairman Zhang reviewed the evolution er Kang from smallest to

largest, for the companionship and support of our partners. In order to better cooperate, Vice Chairman Zhang has several requirements to provide our partner to enhance business and management, new nike free 3.0 v4 the realization Enterprise standardization. Finally, the Vice-Chairman wish you strive for excellence, bigger and stronger in their respective industries, cooperate with the development together with the Phalcon, concentric to the future of reform.ER Kang, Chairman Dan Zhimin of the concluding remarks. Dan Dong through a few pictures, describes the company's corporate culture, allowing suppliers to better understanding and recognition of the company. Subsequently, Tung's analysis of the future market situation presents opportunities and challenges in the future markets, wants to obtain long-term development, it is necessary to deepen cooperation, excellence of work. Dan Dong