Hi everyone. Im a newbie. I've lived in and around Nashville tn all of my 55 years. I remember this song from when I was a kid. I don't remember all the lyrics anymore but maybe someone else does. Or the artist. This song could have been by a local artist and may not have gotten national air play. This is what I remember. a country song, Title "The Volunteer"? and the lyrics I can recall.. Well they said I ought to land on a big round moon, if all goes well about the middle of June. Late December might be a few falls, looks like I'll have to be my own Santa Claus. Well I wanna get out of this spaceman suit, but I'm too high for a parachute, Can't see the moon and the earth ain't clear, there's a long road ahead for the volunteer. Well I just now remember what they last told me, said push this button in a emergency, it'll turn the ship around it'll change your luck, I think I'll try it Now...... well that damn thing is stuck.. stuck.. stuck.. (fade out). It just occurred to me, hope I'm not the oldest guy on this forum. Thank you. Bip.

I found the song and artist. You can find it on youtube. even though I searched there before but with out a name I couldn't find it.
Autry Inman The Volunteer.
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No clue. I doubt you'll get much help from the kids around here and their EDM, dubstep nonsense.

I'd try putting some of the lyrics into google and see what comes up.
^its not nonsense, we have an official forum m8, I don't see no snipelz forum therefore ur nonsense
i tried googling some of the lines and had no luck

but im interested now too
Wow, I just did my best to find it using google and I couldn't find it. Usually if someone has some lyrics to search for you can find near about anything, but nothing is coming up.