I can't find my post from last month, and so I thought I'd rewrite that post. I have heard many different statements concerning the Yamaha Gakki Red Label FG-180 acoustic guitar from the early 1970's being made from plywood or from laminated wood. I may have even read this from the Yamaha USA website, but am not certain if I misread that website. This guitar was manufactured 42 years ago, and I do not believe there are any accurate records to determine with certainty whether it is solid wood or not. And so I closely inspected it, scrutinizing even the gouges in its sides where the wood itself has been exposed. This is what I discovered.

With a laminated top, the grain of the wood does not extend all the way through the edge of the sound hole. You will see a layer or layers where the wood has been laminated with an adhesive. The sound hole on my guitar does not have any existing layers; the grain of the wood runs consistently down the edge of the sound hole. I had a guitar repairman examine the sound hole, and he observed the same and determined that the top of this guitar is a solid spruce top.

The deep gouges in the sides of my guitar also do not appear to reveal anything but solid wood from close inspection with the use of a light and magnifying glass. The wood appears the same as solid wood that has been gouged, where there are tiny chips within that gouge (similar to a tree stump that has been chopped by an axe). There are no signs of adhesive or layers within the gouges. My spouse closely examined these gouges with me and he verified the same -- that these gouges do not resemble anything but gouges in sold wood.

The final determining factor for me is the sound/tone quality of my guitar, in that the sound tone has only become more warm and vibrant with age. Laminated guitars on the other hand generally do not improve in their tone quality as they age. For more information concerning this, please visit the following website: www.michaelmurrayguitar.com
Is there a question in there somewhere?
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Yes. There have been people who have raised a question concerning whether this guitar is made from a laminate or from a solid wood.