I didn't know UG forum has such a page, this is great!

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VY2hjCakVU
Soundcloud Stream: https://soundcloud.com/olivergtrhk

It's not great but I spent two weeks on this already so I felt like I should just put it out there and move on.

Please give me comments on how can I improve my mix/tone in my next song!

Many thanks,

p.s.What genre do you think this is? I can only say its rock music and its instrumental
I love the very minimalist finger picked intro. The fade in notes over it are neat. Reminds me a ton of animals as leaders. When the heavy part kicks in, it kicked in at just the right time. The riffing is pretty neat after that. The octave esque lead things are cool as well, almost make it a tad atmospheric. Hands down, the coolest parts of this song are the clean sections. Pretty sick song, i dug it!
Now, as for genre.........Id say something like Atmospheric Instrumental Prog Rock haha About as close as i can get.
The only thing i can say negative about this song (And it's DEF just a matter of personal taste) Is from about the time the distortion kicked in, it left me just waiting for a brief over the top guitar solo, to kind of counter act the clean atmosphere of the rest. If you would have had like a perfectly placed 15 to 30 second rip your head off guitar solo, this would be a masterpiece level song imo. Great job man overall! Again, the solo thing is just a matter of taste!