currently building a guitar and want to do a swirl finish
now ive watch 100 videos on the subject and read countless threads etc but im having real troubles!
here is my problem.
i bought borax and humbrol enamel paints. i added 1 tbsp on borax to every 5 litres/gallon of water. got the water to room temp and added the paints after all the borax had dissolved.
the green paint i have just pushes the other colours around so they dont mix and the black doesnt dispurse when it should. the paint is also skinning in around 40 seconds yet ive seen vids where they take a good 3/4 mins to add the paint and swirl it etc.

right now ive only attemtped to swirl the head stock so not much to sand down but ive attempted it twice now with the same results!

any help is great as its annoying me, why is the paint skinning so fast and why wont the colours swilr together? somebody must know.
thanks in advance
Seems like you're doing everything correctly! Maybe it's your paint. I've only done one swirl, but it came out rather successful and I was using Plasti-Kote paints. It stayed floating for the entire time we were painting.

That's about all I can offer! I know most of the guides out there recommend humbrol enamel. Perhaps just try a different brand?
i tried plasti kote sprays and sprayed into a cup then dripped it in the water and that spread well but skinned. going to try again now so will see what happens