It's kind of a country/folk song. With a guitar it doesn't come across as depressing as the lyrics might make it sound. For the life of me I couldn't figure out a chorus.

I should never have come back home
I’ve been gone away far too long
The city seems so strange
And I no longer feel the same
I should never have come back home

I spent some time in Toronto
I didn’t know where else to go
Those crowded streets swallowed me
It wasn’t where I wanted to be
I had no choice but to head back home

So I ended up back in this town
But no one I knew was still around
The streets are empty
And there’s nothing here to tempt me
I don’t know why I came back home

Now I’m stranded here all alone
With no idea where else to go
If I could only find a place
Where I felt comfortable to stay
Then I’d finally feel like I was home