So, some of you know, I put a Tusq on my guitar. Filed it down. Everything stays in tune perfectly. The only thing I run into is the G string falls a bit flat out of tune after bending.
I'm really picky about being in tune so this is annoying to me.

The best solution I have right now is compensating by having it a wee bit sharp but not enough to notice, not unless you're really focusing. This makes using the whammy and bends pretty decent, but at times it feels like I can notice it.

So my question is, what am I doing wrong to make the G string go out of tune?

I have filed the nut as much as I can as accurately as I can. I tried using pencil to see if it'll help. It does nothing.

I used a capo and it still goes out of tune, so maybe it isn't the nut.
So where else can it be falling out of tune?

The string only has 2 windings around the tuning post.

What else can I do to make this stay in tune more accurately?
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what brand/model guitar?

and g strings are always the ones that go out of tune for me too.

Line 6 Variax 600.

Like I said, new TUSQ XL nut. LR Baggs X bridge, 2 post tremolo.

Tried everything with the nut. It's the ONLY string that goes out of tune, everything else is flawless. Like I said, not too bad, but subtly noticeable, and any form of noticeable is annoying enough for me.

I have to hit the whammy bar if I want to return to tune.
Anyone? Don't be afraid because it's a Variax, that has nothing to do with the strings staying in tune, it's just like a strat in terms of construction.

I got my Graphtech string trees in the mail today but decided to still bypass the string trees because they seemed to have added tuning instability to E and B despite them being TUSQ trees. I don't notice any problems with the E and B sounding bad without it anyways.

But for the G string, it's still going out of tune on strong bends.

Can anyone help?
possibly that one tuner is slipping. I'd look for a single tuner on ebay and see if that helps at all.

You can also try putting a string tree on the G string so it has more of an angle after the nut.

Just throwing these out there because they would be my first concern after what you have done to the guitar