Currently my baby is my EPS LTD forget the model name, has EMGs in it.

I've been looking at getting a Legator guitar? Does anyone have knowledge if this is a worthy buy?

I mainly play in Drop C,Drop B, Drop G#.

I want something with killer tonage,stock.

My ESP LTD has decent tonage, but I feel like I could get an even better guitar. I would say it's on par or even above par to a $900 Schecter.

PS my gear is Peavy 6505+ head with a Peavy 5150 cab, Decimator 2 suppression pedal is all I run. would I just be better off using my current guitar/gear and using a POD?

I have a Digitech RP-355 Multi-Effect thing,but I dont use it much. I dont like it alot but perhaps I just am not knowledged on how to use it.


at approx 1:58, that is how I want to sound. his shit sounds studio quality,in Drop A too? and he claims to be using a LINE6 POD HD500? I had a Pod once and I hated it...it was probably a bad one though because I had been playing only 2 years at the time and didnt know anything. (not much has changed )

Help my dumbass out please <3
If your playing in Drop G#, I don't think a 6 string would really be the best idea.

Maybe a Baritone, but a 7 string would be good.
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I'd recommend picking up an overdrive. You should already be able to get pretty close to that sound with a 6505+
You're fine with the amp you have. Except that it can't reproduce anything near the fundamental of the lowest pedal tones you're doing. If you're in your bedroom, I guess it doesn't matter.

"tonage". You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

Drop G# just makes me giggle. But if you're going to play there, you're probably much better off looking at an extended range guitar (longer scale, more strings, yada yada) rather than simply throwing money at yet another 6-string.

Random Question: Why do metal players insist on calling their tunings something or other sharp rather than something or other flat? I see C#, G# (rather than Db, Ab). Okay, that's just off the wall.

Regarding PODs. I've got four 4x12s (and a bunch of tube amps) in storage. I'll probably never use them again, and the storage is costing me more than what they're worth. I have an Axe-FX Ultra (that does get used), but I'm mostly using a Pod HD with a Two-Notes Torpedo C.A.B.

If you're going to get an HD500X or similar, you need to know that

1.) You don't use the demo presets that come with the unit. They're there to show the capabilities of the unit only. If you're doing gainy stuff, pick up Meambobbo's pdf guide (http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/setup) and start working your way through it.

2.) You really don't want to run it into a conventional amp. That's simply wasting both. GOOD headphones (not a set of four buck buds) and/or a full-range speaker system that has flat response and that goes both higher and lower than a standard 12" guitar rig. I have KRK Rokit 8's (recording monitors), old Atomic Reactors (google them), a couple of powered PA type speakers (look up the Carvin PM12A for an example) and some fEARful 15/6/1's with a 1500W power amp for those outdoor back of a flatbed with a generator things. You can also run the Pod direct into a PA system and hear yourself on a wedge monitor.

3.) Don't run a boost pedal into a Pod. There aren't any 12AX7 tubes that need overdriving.

4. ) Remember that you can run two different rigs at once in a Pod. It's a great time-waster, but cool nonetheless

5. ) If you pick up a Torpedo C.A.B. to add to the HD500, you can model someone else's amp, build an IR and use it on your rig. Not only that, but the C.A.B. emulates specific tube power amp sections (EL34, KT88, etc.). It will add another $549 to your rig, but it will definitely make a major, rather than a minor tweak.
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