I'm looking for interfaces that have individual phantom power ( powering condensors without powering ribbons )

Found the focusrite forte , read reviews that it's unstable and has quite the latency, someone advised the babyface rme, which seems great but a bit over my budget . I found the focusrite scarlett 18i8 , what does the forte or the babyface give me that the 18i8 doesn't? ( other than compactability )

18i8 has seperate phantom , and has 4 xlr inputs ( 2 more than the latter ) Does the mic pres on the scarlett suck so bad that the forte is much better.

The forte does sound considerably better, yes.

Also I haven't really heard of any serious problem with the forte, so you may wanna try and buy one from a place with a good return policy so you can return it if you end up having problems yourself.
I haven't heard many issues with the Forte, either. I have a few friends that own one and they really like it.

The Forte has the same pres in it as their flagship RedNet pres, plus it has better conversion.
if i compare the sound quality of recording of that mic through my computer vs recording on my iphone 4. the iphone 4 actually has better sound quality. only drawback is the sound distortion for loud volumes. acoustic guitar and vocals sound way better on the iphone.
I have to apologize, I actually have never tried a forte and I should have written that.
I don't know for sure if it does actually sound considerably better than the 18i8, I only know the 18i8 sounds bad and I assumed by the price and some reviews here and there than the forte would have had much better pre's and converters.

In short, the forte may well suck afaik.
Though it's not that likely.

iphone's have good mic's.
Natural and transparent sounding.

It may also be the case that the mic you're using doesn't sound much good.
What mic are you using?
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