I am looking for a good source to begin learning music theory. I have been playing guitar for years but I never studied music theory. I just learned to play songs and wrote my own. I am curious to see how this will improve my playing, though. I know there are 2 schools of thought: some great guitarists claim they don't know any theory and don't need it. Others claim is takes their playing to a whole new level. I would like to at least give it a try. I attempted it a few times before and was so confused and overwhelmed I just quit. Anyone know a good source that explains it simply, rather than jumping right into all this talk of intervals, modes ,etc...I have no idea what any of this is.
if you're willing to buy a book, the complete idiot's guide to music theory is pretty good. starts with the basics without being patronising (i find the dummies books are often a bit annoying, patronising, and jokey in a bad way, but obviously that's just my opinion).
Knowing theory won't really improve your playing (you will become better at playing the guitar by playing the guitar). But it will improve your understanding of music. Music makes more sense to you when you know theory. It may make songwriting easier - at least it becomes easier to figure out what's happening in your favorite songs.