Hi guys, so, back in 2010 i founded an online band with a friend of mine, and after LITERALLY 4 years, we finally have released our debut single. It's called break the spell. I played guitar on it (Rhythms, and the first lead, and the lead underneath the outro chorus). The song was mastered by sage audio. We as a group would really appreciate to hear what you think of it!!!
Damned Empire is:
Jake Popowski (Me)- Guitar
Lars Nienberg - Guitar/Main Composer
Jackson Ward - Drums
Omar Rodriguez - Vocals
Jubel Jaison - Keyboards
Harvey Phillip Barnhard - Bass


Anyways guys, hope you enjoy, and as always I WILL VERY GLADLY C4C!!!!!!!

Jake Popowski and Damned Empire
"Break the Spell": instrumentally, everything is sounding quite good. Singer is good (glad he is not screaming/growling), he reminds me a bit of the singer from Journey (good). Sounds somewhat 80's, which is fine by me. Nice audio quality. I like the 'bendy' lead guitar. Nice song! Please review my music at this link:

Hey thanks for the crit !

I just heard your track. Production-wise it's very solid. Good tones. Great mix. Piano could do with being pushed back a little but I guess you guys wanted it to stand out.

My main crit is that the vocals sometimes sound pitchy. And they seem too 'in your face' in the mix. Same goes for the second solo. If I was the engineer I'd prolly throw in some reverb and/or delay to soften the edges.

A good song. With a better mix I'm sure it'll slay.
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Nice song man, very pleasant to hear

My only critique will be a very "personal taste" one, so it may not be heard the same by others. I feel like the vocals and the solo could gain in aggressivity. I don't know, I feel like they're too "kind" (then again it's a very personal critique). Especially from 3:35 for the solo. I don't know if it's from the guitar tone, or maybe the phrasing / vibrato could get more wide, more deliberate.

Anyway that's just my taste, and the overall song was pretty good keep it up !