I'm looking to reamp a few guitar tracks for some people in an attempt to get some positive feedback. If you are wanting of this then please PM me with the following;

Download URL:
Amp Model:

NOTE: No EQ or post processing will be applied and you'll be given a straight reamped track.
Now the first part was nice and all, but advertising is against the rules here, so you may wanna remove that link.

Also the fender part of the banner is top down ridiculous

Come on you can't write "nothing screams vintage like a retro fender amp" and put there the picture of a frontman.
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you can when you are half asleep, haha! Well Spotted
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I wouldn't mind hearing one of my songs "reamped" with Kemper but paying for it....nah. If it is that much work might as well stick a mic in front of that Marshall myself
In this case, since it would directly help forum members, I'm okay with you offering your service for free, in promotion of your company, but we don't allow free advertising if members have to pay for something.