Hi guys! Just noticed this subforum and thought I would post this to get some opinions. I always hesitate to use guitar in my pieces because the parts just end up sounding more suited for other instruments BUT I started tabbing guitar earlier this year to gain a better understanding of how guitars are used. Hopefully it's had an effect ^^

So here's my first legit use of guitar (and GP) in a composition. This piece was written while I was at the beach and doesn't really adhere to any specific structure (it's also very incomplete).
I'm usually too nervous to share my music with people but I really want some feedback, specifically on the guitar part.

Also sorry about the volume. I'd recommend using headphones.
Going Coastal.gp5
I love this. The only thing I would say is to remove the guitar bit at 45 or perhaps change the notes. It was a bit dissonant and I didn't feel like it suited the style of the piece. All just my opinion though. I look forward to hearing more music from you.
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the parts just end up sounding more suited for other instruments

So? As part of the recording process many composers and arrangers (notably Quincy Jones) give the part for one instrument to another and vice versa, just to try it out.
You aren't doing anything wrong.

I'd have more feedback but I can't listen to your piece at the moment.
I really enjoyed all of that, particularly the rhythm of the bass against the varying drum patterns, and the synth/oboe slideys on bars 10 and 11 get me every time The only thing I'd change is the clean guitar parts from the end of bar 44, as has been previously said, but that might have been what you were going for, so what do I know Overall, loved the feel of it, and I hope I get to hear more!
Wow I didn't expect such positive feedback, thanks!

The synth bit at bar 44 does sound bad, and I don't think it transitions into it well. I had trouble getting the sound I wanted so I left it in as a reminder (same thing with the side hits on the drum track).

^The synth/oboe part is actually an accident. GP doesn't register long legato lines so it glitches into that sound. I left it in because I thought it sounded cool ^^

I'm grateful for your words but I probably won't post anything else. I have trouble with getting time to write, but if ever come up with anything interesting else I will try and remember to post here
I actually like this piece a lot. It's bubbly as hell, the feeling reminds me of some songs from a Japanese fusion band called Trix. There's a lot of stuff going on in it, but for the most part it's quite cohesive. As everyone has mentioned, the only real gripe I have is the drastic change at the end of bar 44. The synth section is good, it's just that the first few notes seemed to be a bit sour. Aside from that, I just wish the piece was longer, lol. It would make an awesome interlude in an album though...
^ I've actually been introduced to that band recently (maybe a month ago). I don't see comparison though ^^ Maybe the synth part would make more sense if you imagine it as a dolphin/seal animal sound. It doesn't come across well on GP though. And I was going for a beach house chill/lounge sound so I guess an album interlude is appropriate to call it!

If I ever get a computer that can work DAW's I might continue this piece with better sound. Thank you all for listening to music!

EDIT: Holy crap did I have a aneurysm typing the last line of my previous post?! "My English good good muchly!"
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I meant to compare the feel (how bubbly it is) more so than the actual composition and phrasing. lol

It would be cool if you did use a DAW. It sounds cool as hell as is, so I can only imagine how it would sound using real music software.
Hey man, I think this is really chill. It has a sense of serenity and calmness to it that is refreshing. I definitely got a "chillout" electro vibe from it and thought it might go well with organic sounding instrumentation over top of an electric style kit. I plugged the midi into ableton live with some random sounds and http://vocaroo.com/i/s1SOAQJpWN0j what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it
^That is very cool though the mix is bad (but that's more my fault). I had the same idea of electronic drums but they sounded harsh on GP. I wanted final result to be similar with vibe of this song. I'm not as good but I am happy with it

Thank you for listening to music! @.@
Ooooo I like that sound!!! I think the composition is too busy to get vibes like song I posted. But that's okay! I will try and write when I have Winter break. Thank you for listening!