I won't start with the story, so here are teh pics. I tried to embed them from Google Drive, but that didn't work. The links should work, though.

Peavey logo... all right... all right...

Ooooo lots of knobs! AND TWO INPUTS!!

It's a Peavey Valveking 212!!!

What a beaut.

I traded in my 1997 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe for this guy at Music Go Round. It was the first time I ever traded something in (or had equipment trade worthy), so I was really excited about it. They offered me $275 trade-in for it, and they had the Peavey for $350, I asked if they would take $300 for it, and they accepted. I originally bought the HRD off craigslist for $250. It immediately needed new tubes and to be reworked in general. So after spending $200+ getting it fixed up, and another $35 on the footswitch (that I ended up not using) I was happy.


It always had a buzz and had a pretty flat sound.

I played a show with it a couple weeks ago, and two songs through the set, the clean channel was driven so hard that it sounded like I was running an overdrive pedal. My band doesn't play super heavy music. I call us "aggressive emo," but I still need to have cleans for a few songs. I use two guitars, a Schecter C-1 Artist II with JB/'59 combo and a stock Fender Telecaster '72 Deluxe RI. The JB is a pretty hot pickup, but I have it pretty low to match with the Fender as best as possible. However, even the '59 would drive the amp hard. On top of that, the HRD didn't really take pedals too well. So that was it, I needed to get a replacement.

The amp I had in mind was a Peavey Classic 50 410. They wanted way too much for it considering the crap condition it was in. Rust, torn tolex, worn away numbers and text on the panels, slow to heat up... Probably needed to be checked out as well. Passed on that.

So I then plugged into a Peavey Valveking 112. I liked it, but it wasn't quite doing it for me. I liked the cleans, but overall the sound wasn't quite what I wanted. It wasn't full enough. Not too far away was big brother VK212. Damn. It was love at first strum. I love the cleans and the drive channel really isn't that bad, but I don't really care because I run pedals anyway. I enjoy the almost transparent clean sound I get through this amp. The HRD seemed to color the tone with "Fender sound," and I never was satisfied with the tones I got out of it.

I'm so stoked to play my next show with this thing. Overall it will sound so much better as I can already tell with 100W of power through two speakers rather than 40W through one.

11/6/2014 UPDATED
I got my new-used LPB-1 today! Scored it on Reverb.com for $26 shipped. Came with the original box too. Not much to say here, it's a boost pedal and it does just that. I would have rather got a boost pedal with an EQ, but I do not currently have the budget for that. This pedal certainly is not transparent as the EH website says. I get some low-end boost, but I also get volume which is what I bought the thing for!

My plan originally was to use this to fatten up my cleans on my HRD. I have a Mooer Green Mile OD that does just that, but adds too much grit for what I wanted. This LPB seems to add just a touch of grit when cranked and gives my sound a bit more "oomph" all together.

So here it is on my pedalboard:

The Polytune, LPB-1 and Full-Drive are all in front of my amp. The TC HoF and Hardwire DL-8 are in the effects loop. I'm really digging the way this amp takes pedals.

11/7/14 UPDATE:
Here's a video! Sorry about the audio, there seems to be a high pitched noise I can't remove.
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Thanks! I'm super happy with it. 100W is pretty beefy for my bedroom, but even at bedroom levels it sounds significantly better than the HRD. The HRD's volume grew exponentially between 1 and 2, which made it difficult to dial in a quieter volume in general.

May have to invest in an attenuator at some point, but for now it's just fine.
Yeah, I liked my VK 212 a lot. It was my first tube amp, and it was really a great investment. The OD channel especially sounds a lot better with a speaker swap.
Thanks everyone!

I was surprised by the drive channel, actually. At first, I set the gain at about 9-10 o'clock and was unimpressed. However, then I cranked it to about 3 o'clock and was quite impressed by how much gain it has!

I don't mind the way it sounds with the current speakers. It's a huge upgrade from the HRD in terms of clarity.