The Official Drug Thread Mk. XI: Do I just throw that shit in my mouth?

The Official Drug Thread Mk. XI
Do I just throw that shit in my mouth?

Welcome, space traveler, to the one and only Drug Thread! All questions and comments about particular drugs, their effects, drug paraphernalia and related topics are to be confined to this thread only. All other threads about drug use will be closed.

- Posts in this thread are made at your own risk - if you wish to protect your identity we recommend using 'SWIM' (Someone Who Isn't Me) instead of 'I' in your posts.

- Flaming and excessive spam will not be tolerated. We encourage educated and mature discussion of drugs - bashers and flamers' opinions are not welcome here.

- We as a community encourage drug users to be educated and careful about the decisions they make. Most drugs can and will be dangerous physically and/or mentally if not handled correctly, so please be smart about the decisions you make. We will answer any and all questions you may have.

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The best source for unbiased drug information for anything from health to law to experiences.

A major organization for the reform of marijuana law.

If you have anything you'd like to add, please PM me!

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Smoking With Style
Smoking with Style
One of the best websites for anything related to marijuana, smoking etiquette, smoking styles, etc.

High resolution photos of marijuana:
Poopsmith's gallery
Poopsmith's Gallery
RPGoof's gallery
RPGoof's Gallery

UG's Official guide to Marijuana
A good guide compiled by UGer's for general marijuana information.

Marijuana Strain Reviews

Ultimate Guide to Ninja Smoking
SaintsofNowhere's guide to smoking and holding onto weed discretely.

The DT's (lol) guide to homemade smoking devices
How to make a gravity bong, waterfall, third lung, steamroller, and an apple pipe using items from around the house.

Is tin/aluminum foil safe to use as a smoking device?

Guide to Bud Quality, Quantity, and Smoking Devices

Marijuana Infographic Mashup
Big compilation of information on marijuana law and health in the United States.

iantheman's Marijuana Cooking Guide
How to make Firecrackers and Cannabis Tea.

Cat Of Pain's cannabutter and flapjack recipe
How to make Cannabis butter and pancakes using said butter.

Cooking with weed and bacon
mulefish's guide to an excellent high through cooking bacon, eggs, weed, and bread.

Hashmouf@grasscity's guides to making:
QWISO hash
Kief and pressed hash
Cold Water hash

The Dextroverse
A good website dedicated to Dextromethorphan (DXM/cough syrup) information.

Research Chemicals Guide
-LeG[A]cY-'s guide to finding and using research chemicals (RCs)
On a related note, check SafeOrScam to see if the vendor you find is reliable.

Info on Datura and other Anti-cholinergics

Erowid's Psychedelic Crisis FAQ
Helping someone through a bad trip, psychic crisis, or spiritual crisis

Pill reports
A database listing the test results on ecstasy tablets.

Pill identification

Recommended Video Documentaries

If you have anything you'd like to add, please PM me!
Inside LSD
A good, unbiased documentary on LSD(acid) done by National Geographic.

Ecstasy Rising
Good documentary about Ecstasy/MDMA.

Marijuana: A Chronic History
The History Channel's marijuana documentary.

DMT: The Spirit Molecule
An awesome documentary about DMT. The book (see below), goes into far greater detail.

If you have anything you'd like to add, please PM me!
Recommended Books
DMT: The Spirit Molecule
Written by Rick Strassman

PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story
Written by Alexander and Ann Shulgin

TiHKAL: A Continuation
Written by Alexander and Ann Shulgin

Doors of Perception
Written by Aldous Huxley, of Brave New World fame, discussing his Mescaline experiences.

If you have anything you'd like to add, please PM me!
Trip Reports

Erowid's Experience Vault

Mushrooms + MDMA (hippyflip):

iantheman Part 1 Part 2

Cedric Part 1 Part 2





Ellidh Part 1 Part 2



There are a number of trip reports that have been posted but not added to this list - if you would like yours added, please PM me!

Detection Periods

The following chart from LabCorp gives approximate detection periods for each substance by test type. The detection windows depend upon multiple factors—drug class, amount and frequency of use, metabolic rate, body mass, age, overall health, and urine pH. For ease of use, the detection times of metabolites have been incorporated into each parent drug. For example, heroin and cocaine can only be detected for a few hours after use, but their metabolites can be detected for several days in urine. In this type of situation, we will report the (longer) detection times of the metabolites.

NOTE 1: Oral fluid or saliva testing results for the most part mimic that of blood. The only exceptions are THC (tetrahyrocannabinol) and benzodiazepines. Oral fluid will likely detect THC from ingestion up to a maximum period of 6–12 hours. Low saliva: plasma ratio continues to cause difficulty in oral fluid detection of THC and benzodiazepines.

NOTE 2: Urine cannot detect current drug use. It takes approximately 6–8 hours or more post-consumption for drug to be metabolized and excreted in urine. Similarly, hair requires two weeks, and sweat, seven days.

NOTE 3: Rapid oral fluid products are not approved for use in workplace drug testing programs and are not FDA cleared. Using rapid oral fluid drug tests in the workplace is a violation of many state and federal laws.

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That about wraps things up. I'd like to thank panterarocker, metal4all, HelpTravesty, and whoever else for helping compile the information in this post. If there's anything I should add, either post in this thread or PM me and I'll be happy to do so!

And a special thanks to RPGoof from whom I shamelessly stole this OP.

Get toned!
hi i am 13 nd i just tried weed for the first time. can i overdose on it?/

i ask cuz i know my friend told me once that his cousin died from smocking 2 blunts so...