Yesterday I was playing as normal and then I stopped for about five minutes, strummed and noticed that my tone is terrible.

So I first think that my pedal ran out of juice n replace the battery. Nopee.
Then I think that the EMG's needed a new battery. Nopee.

But now if I just shut the battery in, the battery apparently isn't making contact with the guitar (though I can see that it is) and the tone will almost completely deaden.

So I pull the back of the battery out of place a bit so it's touching the guitar in a different angle and the sound comes back but it is still not very good at all.
(Side note: I tried one of my worse guitars also so I'm certain it's not the amp or the pedal)

Soooo, in your guys' opinions, do you think that it is the pickups themselves or the wiring of in the battery pack and everything?

Edit: not entirely sure how/why this would be involved but I did lower my string gauge this week so I did do truss rod, action, and intonation adjustments very recently.
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