I'm trying to diagnose an issue with my PRS SE Torero that has been causing uncontrollable amounts of feedback recently (1&1/2 weeks as of this post). The problem did not used to occur and now it arises on any amp with moderate gain or distortion. The battery for my EMG 81-85's is fresh, the wires and pins (from what I can access) appear to be intact. The only thing wrong with the guitar is a loose volume knob that has been that way for quite some time. Sometimes it would cause the pins on the back of the knob to slide off a little, but I would just slide them back into place. The only thing I can think of is that there is a bad wire I'm somehow missing, or the volume knob is somehow causing the problem even though it still works fine. I was wondering if you guys might have any ideas to help narrow it down. Any help would be much appreciated!
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It could be a bad contact within the output jack of the guitar. I have a bass that is giving me feedback problems and I have identified the jack as the culprit. Changing it out is not difficult or expensive. Still; I would have a good technician look at it before performing any guitar surgery.