Modders, electricians and people who don't actually know what they are talking about but don't let that stop them from giving their opinions, lend me your... eyes? or how about just your expertise.

I am starting my next build and as per usual I want to do something different with the wiring. I did the 4-way mod on my telecaster and I love the sound of the pickups wired in series, but I also like the idea of being able to blend in either the bridge or neck pickup.

I found the blend diagram from Breja ToneWorks:
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Doesn't he just make the prettiest diagrams?

And the series push/pull from DIY guitar mods:
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So like the greedy little girl from the Old El Paso commercial, why not have both? Would it be possible, or do specific wires need to be in one place for one and in another place for the other?

I've scoured every last bit of the net I could think of looking for this diagram but no luck so I figured either nobody's thought to do it or the more likely, it can't be done. You never know until you ask though so what do you think?!
Well that's a bummer, but pretty much what I expected. I guess I'll try both and see what I want to stick with. Thanks!