I am a big fan of T-Racks stuff. I have the T-Racks Deluxe mastering suite and use it a lot. Their compressors are really good especially the clone of the Fairchild 670 that T-Racks calls the "Vintage Tube Compressor Modal 670". It's the most subtle and transparent compessor I have personally ever used for final mastering.
Join the group buy then :-))) I love the 670 as well. I often use that along with the Pultec they got.
I bought one of the new api´s to and got the other one free. Now if we get 500 people to buy something i get another free plug (as do all 500 people) Im thinking the last api 10 band eq or the Bus compressor.
You are right about that Pultec VST in T-Racks. I use that when I have a big dynamic signal like a heavy guitar lead or a vocal with a lot of dynamic ups and downs. It realy controls the track well. I also like being able to save not only my settings on each VST but my personally edited versions of their included pre-sets. I'll have to look at buying another VST from them this weekend. Good deal.