Hello guys,

I am currently doing a sequencing of this J-rock/Anime track and this guitar sound has been bugging me for weeks.

Do you know how I can get the clean/muted(?) tone coming from the guitar here using Amplitube 3 and RealLPC (VST guitar that I use, I don't own an Electric Guitar)? Guitar Rig 5 suggestions are welcome as well

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bY6enaVb3E (The tone I am looking for comes in at around 0:12)

That guitar is stuff indeed, but that stuff doesn't include clean, definitely.

Find yourself a fender amp emulation, use little bass, overdrive the power tubes.
Also when you program that midi track use dynamics.
Dynamics matter in achieving tones.

Also you should try the softube vintage amp room - guitar rig wouldn't be my first choice for mildly distorted stuff, and amplitube wouldn't be my first choice for anything really.
Hi Spambot, thanks for the reply

I've been messing with Vintage Amp Room and I don't really know what you mean by "overdriving the power tubes." I'm kinda new to using Amps n stuff

If you can explain it to me then that'll be much appreciated
Very briefly, a guitar amp is an integrated amplifier, meaning it has both a preamp and a power amp.

The pre brings the signal of the guitar from veeery low to low, and the power amp brings the signal from low to whatever you want, usually loud.

Overdriving means sending too much signal for something to handle, resulting in distortion of the signal.

Overdriving the power tubes (which are the tubes in the power amp) means turning the master volume so high the power tubes start to distort your signal.

Pre tubes distortion has less bass, it's considered more modern.
Power tubes distortion is considered vintage.