Ive only been playing for a few months, i own a squire bullet, i know this si a cheap guitar but its all i can afford at the moment. i have fret buzz from the first to third fret on the G and B string. any tips on fixing it, I removed my strings and cleaned my neck, I'm getting new strings on friday, any tips on fixing this??
Your neck could be too straight. try loosening the truss rod 1/4 of a turn and see if that helps.
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The truss rod can certainly be a source.
But this problem can be caused by many other things:
- the groove(s) in the nut are too deep for the affected string(s).
- the frets in the areas that have buzz have not been dressed (filed) properly -> they are too high above the fretboard.
- the strings are too close to the frets -> the bridge is set too low. This usually causes buzzing at more than a few frets, or two strings, but I have had bridge saddles that were too low for some strings.