Hey y'all - my band (country duo) is in the running to be named the best unsigned artist in Texas. We made the top 4 (out of more than 400 bands) and are now in the last phase. We were invited to record two songs live in the studio. These songs will be judged by an industry panel (50%) and fan interaction on the videos (views, comments, likes) for 50%. I would love if you took a minute to check them out.

If you like it, please go ahead and give us the "thumbs up" and leave a nice comment! If you don't, that's totally cool too, and I welcome your feedback -- I just ask that you leave it here, and not on the video (since we're close to winning this thing!).

New song, Brothers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38fmKGjw3jQ

The Better Part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5C0CUBx2p4

If you're curious, the grand prize includes 100 hours of studio time!

Thanks for y'all's time.
I like it. I did notice a couple of spots where the vocals could use some tightening, but overall, I really like the songs and the group's approach to them. Looks like you all are having a lot of fun together. Best of luck in the contest!
yeah, i too felt the vox were the weak point. not that they weren't good but when you're applying for a contest or whatever then you can't really afford to take risks or overcomplicate things. fun songs though.

the pop-punkish riff in the better part was neat though.

oh yeah, good luck!
Thanks for the feedback, y'all! I agree, there are one or two moments where the harmony is a few cents flat of the melody (like the first line of the first chorus of brothers). Definitely wish we could get another crack at that part, but hopefully the rest of the performance at least translates that we care about the song etc. I'm glad it comes across that we're having fun! We are...despite being a little nervous. Essentially, the top 4 bands went in to the studio to record these songs and they upload them for us. It's kind of cool cause we're all pretty different in terms of genre.
I don't listen to much country, but I did live in Fort Worth (many years ago) for 3 years. Vocals are very good, though a few spots I'd pitch correct with Melodyne (not sure if that works in a recording like this though unless the vocal tracks are well isolated). Since I'm more of a rocker, I was more into the drums more than anything else (good drummer!). Audio quality is rather good. Perhaps y'all could review my music at this link (y'all come back now ya hear?):


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